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You've reached our review page, where we will occasionally review some of the many new albums that are being released, especially those of new and/or lesser known artists. We enjoy a wide range of music, and want to share our experiences with you. We hope to help spread the news on some of the great bands out there, and to give you a feel for what the CDs sound like so that you can make more informed decisions on what music you'd like to obtain.

We'll also sometimes post articles about the various concerts that we go to, and that others may want to go to. There are so many artists touring that it's hard to know which shows to attend. In this forum, we'll be able to share our experiences with you, and perhaps learn more from you about artists that we'll want to see in a future performance.

Note that we will readily accept your reviews on concerts or recordings for publication here, also, so please send us your reviews!

Latest Update (reviews of several new CDs) : July 2, 2004